Discover The #1 Secret To Drive Repeat Customers!

Imagine if, during the Lockdown,  you already had a list of 5000 Customers that you could Reach On-Demand and Increase Sales & Orders? 

Imagine if, the Social Media Platforms you've been working hard to build, were taken away without notice? 

How would you reach those customers or followers?

You need an easy way to grow a list of customers/followers that YOU OWN...and it's not too late!

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Brilliant Mobile builds you a database of customers that want what you offer, and drives them back for more!

Brilliant Mobile Messaging is a Saas platform that has helped Restaurants, Retail Stores, Community Organizations, Schools and Military Bases gather a permission-based list of mobile numbers. This gives you the ability to communicate directly with your audience with both SMS and MMS text messages, all without any data entry!

Give your customer what they want, when they want it!


90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt!

Always Informed

Your customers want what you offer, and a text message is a friendly reminder to come in!


Own your database, Personalize your messaging, Make Customers feel appreciated!

  • SMS & MMS Text Messages 
  • Mobile Coupons 
  • Mobile Coupons/Wallet
  • Mobile Questionnaires/Polls
  • ​​​Mobile Kiosk
  • ​Reservation Reminders
  • ​​​Text Buzzer 
Text Buzzer is a great feature for restaurants to use!

People can be alerted by text when their order or table is ready! 

  • Text Funnel Sequencing
  • ​QR Code Generator 
  • Text2WIN/Text2Donate
  • ​​Birthday Wishes
  • ​​Loyalty Programs
  • ​Reservation Reminders
  • ​​​Email Integration
  • ​Text2Screen
  • ​API/Full Analytics
  • ​​​Landline Numbers or Toll-Free Numbers
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